High-Brightness LEDs


Tiger offers the ALOHA+ H2O, a new moisture-in-ammonia analyzer that refines the detection to levels below 2 ppb, achieving five times the sensitivity of the leading analyzer to date. In doing so, Tiger greatly exceeds the industry’s need to detect moisture in ammonia at 12 ppb or less. Higher concentrations of moisture negatively affect the luminescence of HB LEDs and diminish process yields.

High-brightness LEDs offer brighter, cooler light, with lower power consumption and longer life than traditional lighting. Tool manufacturers and the gas companies supplying ammonia use Tiger’s analyzers for moisture analysis in ammonia, which is the favored source of nitrogen for the production of gallium nitride (GaN) compound semiconductor wafers. Tiger’s best-in-class analyzers can ensure ultra-dry ammonia throughout the process, from the gas bottle to the MOCVD tool.

Overview of analyzers for moisture in ammonia:

H2O chart LP

Select applications include:

Ultra-High-Purity Ammonia MOCVD