Remote Certification


Plan ahead for your Tiger analyzer’s annual certification by scheduling your performance verification with our Service Team today.

Tiger Optics’ Low Cost Remote Certification Process will verify your unit is as accurate and reliable as the day it was shipped from Tiger Optics, and provide you with a certificate attesting to the accuracy of your unit.

The process is simple: Send an email requesting Remote Certification to with your name, contact information, company name, analyzer type and serial number. We will send you an email with simple instructions to:

  • Download the settings from the analyzer
  • Run three scans using the analyzer’s software
  • Email the results to Tiger Optics for analysis and certification

The results will allow us to verify:

  • The analyzer is meeting factory specifications for LDL
  • The settings are correct
  • The readings are accurate

We will email you a Verification Certificate attesting that the analyzer is “in spec”.