NEW HALO KA Max Models

Now Also Available for NH3 and CH4

The new HALO KA Max H2O, based on Tiger Optics' latest platform, is our most sensitive H2O analyzer ever with a detection limit of 100 ppt in all important semi bulk gases. Now we extend its ppt detection performance to two additional critical analytes, NH3 and CH4, to offer the ultimate process protection.

NEW Service Center in China

Tiger Expands International Footprint

See the highlight video from the fabulous Grand Opening Ceremony of Process Insights' new Customer Service Center in Suzhou, China, that took place in late August. We look forward to providing our customers with enhanced local training and support in Greater China and throughout Asia.

The New T-I Max Series

Next-Generation Cleanroom Monitors

Tiger Optics addresses the demanding challenges of continuous AMC monitoring for semiconductor fabrication. Based on Tiger's new and powerful analyzer platform, the T‑I Max line excels in detecting ppt levels of the three most damaging contaminants in cleanrooms: HF, HCl, and NH3.

Serani Max Interface Software

Maximize Convenience!

The new Serani™ Max Analyzer Interface Software now offers remote access from your computer or laptop for Tiger’s latest generation analyzers, such as the HALO KA Max and T‑I Max. Control, monitor and collect data right from your desk via network connection for maximum convenience.

No Compromise!

Speed+ Analyzer Performance Upgrade

Tiger Optics is excited to introduce a new analyzer performance upgrade. Implementing new intelligent dynamic data processing, the Speed+ software adjusts your analyzer’s response automatically and in real-time to deliver the best performance. Speed+ is available for most HALO and Spark analyzers.

Verify Your Analyzer is in Spec

In-Place Performance Verification

Tiger Optics' low-cost Performance Verification Process will verify your unit is as accurate and reliable as the day it was shipped from Tiger Optics, and provide you with a certificate attesting to the accuracy of your unit.



Headache-Free Moisture Analysis in Medical Oxygen

Medical oxygen, a widely used gas in the healthcare industry, must meet the necessary quality to prevent harm to patients. Strict standards outline limits to a variety of possible impurities in the gas, one of them being water vapor (H2O).

One of the most common standards for medical oxygen is the European Pharmacopeia (EP) standard. We are pleased to present a detailed Application Note, demonstrating experimentally that the Tiger Optics Spark analyzer allows accurate measurement of moisture in oxygen to within ±4% or 6 ppb, whichever is greater. Thereby, it demonstrates equivalency with the European Pharmacopeia standard, which mandates a relative accuracy of less than ±20%. 
The Tiger Optics Spark analyzer affords a significant performance advantage over the incumbent electrolytic-based sensors, including:

  • Faster speed of response 
  • Higher accuracy
  • Lower maintenance
  • Wider dynamic range
  • Lower detection limits. 

This allows for better throughput and simplified product qualification, ultimately saving end-users time and money. While the results presented here focus on moisture in oxygen, the flexible Spark is also ideal for measurement in many other gases, including nitrogen, clean dry air, and argon.

Application Note: Validating CRDS for Moisture Analysis in Medical Oxygen


Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Advanced Spectroscopic Solutions for Fuel Cell Hydrogen Analysis
Product Brochure (PDF)

Purity Analysis of Fuel-Cell Hydrogen
Application Note (PDF)

Standard Test Method for Hydrogen Purity Analysis Using a Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzer
ASTM International

See here for more details on Tiger's work with fuel-cell hydrogen.


Trace Moisture Measurement over Wide Range of Sample Pressure—Now Down to 0 psig

The popular Spark H2O for industrial gas applications now features new models that operate at lower sample pressures (less than 10 psig). From Air Separation Units (ASUs) to low-pressure moisture generators, in some applications it is difficult to continuously sustain high sample pressure. The Spark’s new low pressure options allow accurate H2O measurements at pressures as low as 0 psig.

Check out the Spark H2O Brochure for more information on the new reduced pressure models and find out more about the advantages of the Spark for use in ASUs in our Application Note: Cost-Effective Purity Analysis in the Cryogenic Air Separation Process.


PPT-Level H2O Detection in UHP Electronic Gases

See how Tiger Optics' HALO KA Max and HALO KA ultra-trace moisture analyzers help semiconductor manufacturers ensure the purity of their bulk gases with our latest Application Note.

Application Note: Parts-Per-Trillion Moisture Detection in Electronic-Grade Bulk Gases


The Trusted Brand of the World's Metrology Institutes

From NIST, the U.S. standards laboratory, to VSL, the National Metrology Institute (NMI) of the Netherlands, 22 NMIs around the world turn to Tiger Optics for their special analytical needs. Tiger analyzers are used for purity analysis in the preparation and verification measurements of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), Calibration Gas Mixtures, and zero gases. In addition, their ease of use makes them popular choices for intercomparisons.

Tiger Optics' analyzers offer:

  • Measurement of ppt to ppm level of H2O, CO, CH4 and may other analytes
  • Versatile, robust and affordable performance
  • Fast, accurate, on-line monitoring, without maintenance requirements