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Company Overview

Founded in 2001, Tiger Optics has been the preferred provider for high-performance, laser-based gas analyzers to advance industrial standards and enable cutting-edge research. By leveraging the expertise of scientists, engineers and industry specialists, we offer advanced total solutions, field support, analyzer training, and advice to help customers improve yields and reduce costs. By creating out-of-the-box solutions that deliver fast, reliable and stable measurements, Tiger Optics supports continuous innovation for gas & chemical production, semiconductor fabrication, and many other markets.

Highlights of our capabilities and offerings include:

  • Multi-species, versatile technology: Tiger’s single- and multi-species trace analyzers and air monitors tackle a myriad of molecules, including moisture, ammonia, methane, oxygen, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, formaldehyde, and more.
  • Robust, versatile instrumentation: Our instruments work in a wide range of matrices, including toxic, corrosive, and hydride gases.
  • Absolute accuracy: Our technology is highly accurate, with sales to 20 national metrology institutes, which use our systems as transfer standards and for environmental research.
  • Customized product development: From the U.S. national lab (NIST), which used Tiger to name its formaldehyde standard, to SASOL, the South African chemical company engaged in innovative gas-to-liquid (GTL) synthesis, businesses and labs around the world turn to Tiger for their special analytical needs.
  • World-class Manufacturing: Consolidated under one roof in Warrington, PA, Tiger develops, designs, and manufactures its full line of analytical equipment. Our ISO 9001-certified operation guarantees consistent and reliable performance for our customers worldwide.
  • Global Service Support: Tiger offers both factory and field service through our authorized service centers in Pennsylvania, France, Taiwan, China and Korea. In addition, our distributors worldwide are well trained and highly technical -- fully capable of providing installation and field support where needed.
  • Training, Presenting, and Publishing: We actively support our customer base with training programs and easy-to-use materials in many languages. The Tiger team is a fixture at technical presentations and industry conferences around the world. (Be sure to say, “Hi!”) In addition, we are a frequent contributor of articles and news to magazines, newsletters, and on-line publications serving your markets.

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ISO Certification

Tiger Optics is the first CRDS company certified to the ISO 9001:2008 and the current ISO 9001:2015 standard of process consistency and continuous quality improvement.


“I’m an esoteric spectroscopist by training, but I’d like to do something practical,” declared Kevin Lehmann, then a professor at Princeton University, when I first contacted him regarding the possibility of licensing his powerful new technology called Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW CRDS). At the time, I had no idea what an “esoteric spectroscopist” was, but I thought we could help him out on the practical side.

Using lasers to measure the light absorption of a given molecule, CW CRDS promised to complete, within seconds, measurements that normally took many hours. The technology was said to be highly stable and selective, with no tendency to drift or to confuse one molecule for another. In addition, it could detect in the parts-per-trillions, unlike the technology of most conventional analyzers. 

In light of that potential, Tiger Optics became the exclusive worldwide licensee for Dr. Lehmann’s first patent. We moved one of our lab technicians to Princeton to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the scientists there. The early word back was discouraging, however. The same qualities that drew us to CW CRDS—its great sensitivity, speed of response, and accuracy—also made it quite delicate, with results that were difficult to reproduce consistently.

Lisa Bergson, Founder

In June 2018, Tiger Optics became part of Process Insights Holdings. As part of our new global family, we will continue our founder’s mission to serve our customers by offering ever more powerful spectroscopic solutions for trace gas sensing.


Since its founding, Tiger Optics has won recognition for a remarkable series of innovative products, and Inc. Magazine has ranked the company as one of the nation's fastest-growing private manufacturers.

On four occasions, Gases & Instrumentation has bestowed its Golden Gas award to Tiger Optics in the gas analysis category of their annual contest:

  • 2013 Golden Gas Award (VROOM analyzer, a multi-species, mirror-based Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer)
  • 2012 Golden Gas Award (LaserTrace 3)
  • 2010 Golden Gas Award and BEST OF SHOW (the Prismatic multi-species gas analyzer)
  • 2008 Golden Gas Award (HALO+ analyzer)

In its first five years of operation, Tiger Optics won three other prestigious awards:

  • 2006 Gassy Award (LaserTrace O2) from Gases and Technology Magazine
  • 2005 Gassy Award (MTO-LP-H2O) from Gases and Technology Magazine
  • 2002 R&D 100 Winner (MTO-100-H2O) from R&D Magazine

With its revenue growth, Tiger Optics frequently ranks on nationally recognized lists, including Inc. Magazine's list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Among manufacturers on the 2013 list, Tiger ranked as the 57th fastest-growing concern, jumping from 76th place a year earlier.

  • 2013 Inc 5000
  • 2012 Inc 5000
  • 2010 Inc 5000
  • 2008 Inc 5000
  • 2007 Philadelphia 100 Award