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INRiM researchers develop new low-frost-point generator

Warrington, PA – 10/3/2018. All of the world’s leading metrology labs provide a primary reference for water vapor to be able to calibrate humidity sensors against a well-defined and stable standard. Most of these primary references are designed for moisture concentrations and pressures that are more typical for the lower atmosphere. The national metrology institute of Italy, INRiM, took a new approach to provide a primary reference for moisture concentrations that are lower than typical, as demonstrated in their recent publication in Measurement Science and Technology*. This new low frost-point generator is intended for the calibration of humidity sensors designed for conditions in the upper atmosphere, and covers the frost point range from -100°C to -20°C.

To evaluate their new standard, INRiM researchers relied on a pair of Tiger Optics CRDS trace moisture analyzers, one HALO RP analyzer for lower H2O concentrations and one Spark analyzer for the higher range. Both analyzers showed excellent agreement. All measurements are also consistent with the expected value within the reported measurement uncertainty, providing researchers an easy and reliable initial evaluation of their new generator.

*R. Cuccaro et al., Meas. Sci. Techn. 29, 054002 (2018),

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