Gases & Chemicals


Tiger Optics has a strong history of partnership with industrial gas and chemicals manufacturers, enabling detection of moisture and other rogue impurities in process gas streams, including inert, reactive, corrosive and specialty gases. Part of Tiger’s product lines are designed for on-line process measurements: the CO-rekt, Spark, LaserTrace, HALO and Prismatic 2.

Tiger’s CRDS Garners CGA Approval!

The Compressed Gas Association Standard, CGA G-10.1, Commodity Specification for Nitrogen, now cites Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy as an approved method for moisture measurement. Based on a unanimous decision by the members of the Atmospheric Gases and Equipment Committee in August 2016, this change is welcome news to our many users in the industrial gas community. Specializing in CRDS since 2001, Tiger Optics offers a proven range of moisture analyzers for N2. Contact us for more information or to request a quote today!