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Tiger Optics’ CRDS analyzers aid in international trace moisture comparison

Warrington, PA – 1/18/2019. The main mission of the world’s national metrology laboratories is to establish repeatable and comparable measurement standards across the globe. Measuring trace water vapor in gases is of particular interest because many industries, from industrial gas to semiconductor, depend on this critical measurement.

In a recently published international comparison between eight leading national laboratories from Europe, Asia and South America, the labs tested their analytical capabilities in measuring ppm-levels of moisture in nitrogen. Different analytical methods were employed, but most labs relied on Tiger’s robust and easy to use Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology, with the Dutch VSL, the UK’s NPL, Brazil’s INMETRO, the Swiss METAS and China’s NMI all using various generations of Tiger Optics analyzers. This experiment highlights once again the important role that Tiger’s trace moisture analyzers have played for many years in the metrology community and how our instruments help to obtain an exact analysis with ease. As a company dedicated to precision measurement, we are proud to be able to support the world’s leading NMIs in their important mission.

The full report of the comparison is published on the website of the BIPM (click here).

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