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Winter 2021

A Quantum Leap over GC for Ultra-High Purity Analysis: New HALO Max QCL CO & CO2

Tiger Optics is excited to introduce its new HALO Max QCL product line, a new generation of Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) analyzers based on mid-infrared Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology. Tiger’s QCL-CRDS enables real-time, parts-per-trillion (ppt) level detection of trace contaminants, including carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), in ultra-high purity (UHP) gases typically used in semiconductor manufacturing.

Key advantages of Tiger’s new QCL analyzers for UHP Gas Analysis include:

  • Industry-best PPT level analysis for CO and CO2 impurities
  • Continuous, real-time measurement
  • High reliability, low maintenance
  • Response time within seconds
  • Low cost-of-ownership
  • No calibration requirements
  • No carrier gas requirements
  • Easy to install, start-up and use

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Hydrogen Purity Analysis: Complete Lifecycle Including Production, Transportation, Storage, and Fueling

A global hydrogen revolution is underway and Tiger Optics and Extrel are well suited to lead the way in purity analysis. With recent global initiatives for green energy sources, zero-emission vehicles and other industrial transportation products, hydrogen looks to be an important fuel source for the 21st century.

Purity analysis over the entire lifecycle of hydrogen is of growing importance as the production, storage and use of hydrogen expands. The European Commission estimates that over 30% of the European fuel mix could be represented by hydrogen by 2050. Countries in Europe are adding hundreds of hydrogen fueling stations this decade. In the United States, California aims to have 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. To support this goal, the California Energy Commission is supporting the installation of 100 fueling stations throughout the state.

Although fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) receive most of the press, there are many other industrial uses of hydrogen fuel cells. The hydrogen power distribution market is continuously evolving adding thousands of on-site generators of hydrogen to power everything from forklifts, pallet jacks and other industrial equipment.

Tiger Optics and Extrel both have a long history of working with hydrogen purity at all stages in the lifecycle. With the powerful combination of Tiger Optics CRDS and Extrel Mass Spectrometry, we are able to meet or exceed analysis requirements for all impurities in the various industry standards regulating the purity of fuel-cell-grade hydrogen.

Our portfolio of analyzers, based on CRDS and Mass Spectrometry, offer many key advantages which our industrial partners demand for their hydrogen purity analysis, including:

  • Detection limits in line with stringent requirements of hydrogen fuel purity standards, such as SAE J2719 or ISO 14687 
  • Very high reliability and ease of use
  • Fast speed of response for real-time monitoring
  • Excellent long-term stability due to robust design and drift-free performance
  • Suitable for both sample testing in the lab and on-line monitoring at the fueling station
  • Standardized CRDS measurement according to ISO 21087 and ASTM D7941
  • Lowest cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Long-term operation without the need for human intervention

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Process Insights Acquires MBW Calibration AG

We are excited to announce that MBW Calibration AG (“MBW”), based in Wettingen, Switzerland, joined the Process Insights family of companies in December 2020, to support our mission to be a total analytical solution provider for our customers.

Founded in 1962, MBW produced their first generation of dew point mirrors in 1965. Over five decades later, MBW chilled mirror technology provides the highest performance, stability and repeatability humidity measurement for global standards and accreditation institutions. MBW’s instruments are also used as transfer standards for almost all international inter-laboratory comparisons and in a wide range of diverse industrial applications such as heat treatment, fuel cells, high voltage switchgear, climatic chamber validation, compressed air, breathing gas, and battery manufacturing.

“MBW is another perfect addition to the Process Insights family. This is a company with a history of technical innovation and highly differentiated technology. The products and technology are complementary to our other businesses and will help us expand our value-add proposition to offer a competitive, one-stop complete solution to our customers,” said Monte Hammouri, CEO of Process Insights.

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Need Equipment Quickly? Want to Try Before You Buy? Get Demos or Rentals from Tiger Today!

Tiger offers a vast selection of rental and demo analyzers to fit your analytical needs. Our versatile product lines meet even the most challenging analytical requirements from the cleanest of semiconductor fabs to the harshest coal-fired stacks. To ensure optimal performance at your site, our team will perform an application review and rigorously test and certify each demo/rental unit prior to every shipment.

Many of our customers have benefited from our demo process, which enables you to build great confidence in the analyzer’s performance in your application by evaluating it in advance of purchasing.

We also have an analyzer rental fleet, allowing you to easily take advantage of short-term analytical requirements.

Our dedicated team is here to support you! Contact us today for applications support, technical training, demos, rentals and more!

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