Tiger Optics Optimizes AMC Monitoring With a Mobile Cart

July 11, 2016

San Francisco, CA (July 11, 2016)— Tiger Optics LLC, responding to the semiconductor industry’s escalating need to continuously monitor airborne molecular contaminants (AMC) in cleanroom environments, said it is introducing a robust but compact mobile cart to accommodate multiple Tiger-i analyzers that excel in speciating trace amounts of the most vexing contaminants. The AMC cart will be featured at the Tiger Optics booth this week at the SEMICON West show in San Francisco (July 12-14).

Known for its innovative laser-based analyzers, Tiger Optics uses Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW CRDS) in seven product lines to measure trace contaminants in markets ranging from atmospheric to the process gas streams vital to industrial gas and chemicals manufacturers.

A longtime supplier of analyzers to semiconductor fabrication plants, the company developed its Tiger-i platform for continuous AMC monitoring, with sub-ppb detection capability. Each Tiger-i analyzer is designed to rapidly measure a specific analyte, with no cross contamination or interference from other chemicals in the air. Notably, Tiger-i analyzers excel in detecting the three most damaging molecular contaminants in cleanrooms: hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF) and ammonia (NH3).

As the size of integrated circuit chips continues to shrink, semiconductor manufacturers have mounting reason to fret about ambient molecules that lead to molecular contamination of wafers, thereby reducing yield. Manufacturers increasingly require advanced metrology capabilities in their micro-environments, where space is at a premium. Tiger Optics, known for the compact size of its instruments, decided to design a mobile cart to accommodate up to four Tiger-i devices.

“To help our customers, it made sense to visualize the workspace. So, we’ve designed a strong, but skinny cart,” said Tiger chief executive Lisa Bergson.

Made of stainless steel, the AMC cart measures just 36 inches in height and 23 inches in width. Side panels are removable; the front and rear doors are hinged. The cart is transported via shock-absorbing casters.

About Tiger Optics

Tiger Optics LLC makes laser-based gas analyzers that help advance science and industry with the world’s most powerful molecular analyzers. More than 2,000 robust Tiger units work for semiconductor fabrication plants, gas manufacturers, chemical companies and environmental monitoring, as well as 20 national metrology institutes. Please visit www.tigeroptics.com.



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