Tiger Optics Analyzer Upgrades


Add more value to your new or existing analyzer*


Speed+ Performance Upgrade

  • Intelligent dynamic data processing boosts the analyzer’s speed of response while maintaining low noise performance
  • Real-time process control ensures quality, as well as increased capacity to improve efficiency and profitability
  • Analyze with Ease™— no manual adjustments required, Speed+ is fully automatic

Serani™ and Serani™ Max Analyzer Interface Software

  • Connect to your analyzer remotely from your computer via Ethernet or RS-232 (Windows XP or higher required)
  • Real-time data analysis and plotting with the click of a button
  • One-step data collection for “Remote Certification” and other service function shortcuts

Annual Performance Verification

  • Low-cost and easy remote verification process, with no need to return the analyzer to the factory
  • Annual verification by Tiger Optics ensures that your analyzer continues to meet its original specifications
  • Up-to-date Verification Certificate to comply with your QA/QC standards

Installation & Commissioning Package

  • On-site analyzer installation and start-up by Tiger Optics trained personnel
  • Ensuring correct installation helps prevent future issues with the analyzer or your sampling system
  • Gain peace of mind and save money in the long run

Modbus TCP Communication

  • Remote communication via standardized Modbus protocol using the analyzer’s Ethernet port
  • Incorporate your Tiger analyzer easily into existing Modbus instrument control networks
  • Standardize communications – eliminate need for RS-232/ Telnet commands specific to Tiger analyzers

New Display and New Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Modern, colorful design with higher display resolution
  • Expanded trend plot capabilities, including enhanced zoom 
  • New live trend window on the main screen
  • Clearly visible alarm indicators

Linear Fit Mode

  • Linear y = a x + b fit function permits user-defined calibration curves with programmable slope (a) and offset (b)
  • Automatically adjusts readings to factor in dilution probes and sampling system offsets, while retaining the absolute data
  • Enables calibration against external standards, when mandated by rules or regulations

Dew Point Measurement

  • Moisture measurement can be displayed as Dew Point (in units of
    °C, °F or K) or Concentration (as volume or weight basis)
  • Ideal for use as transfer standard for Dew Point-based moisture generators – no unit conversion necessary
  • Wide Dew Point measurement range from −100°C to −13°C


*Applicability of analyzer upgrades may vary for different product lines.